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Poor connectivity can be a major issue for your business, whether it's broadband speeds that make most aspects of running your business online impossible, or mobile phone coverage that makes you wonder what you are paying for!

Our background in IT and telecommunications means we really understand the communication challenges your rural business can face, the environment you have to work in, and what’s important to you to help run your business.

We have put together a product range to help you, whether it’s your internet speed, mobile signal, or you just need expert advice, Country Tech will find a solution.

Rural 4G Broadband

4G LTE - Future Proof Wireless Broadband

Super fast broadband delivered over a reliable and future proof cabless system. 4G/LTE (Fourth Generation / Long Term Evolution) is the next stage in mobile network development and provides users with much faster data speeds than 3G is able to.

This independant sytem isn't affected by rain/ wind or fog and there is no line rental and false promises of speeds increasing when the exchange is updated. The majority of our customers are now benifiting from speeds of over 40mbps down and 15mbps up. There is no delay like on the Satalite systems so you can Video Call without any stuttering to friends, families or other busineses around the world.

Our business system has given companies the chance to stay where they are in the beautiful countryside rather than move to a town due to their requirements for high speed internet increasing as their company grows.

We also have many domestic customers using our home system and are now enjoying HD video streaming like BBC iPlayer, Skyping friends and families around the world and their children can now use the internet for research for home work. 

Rural 4G Broadband


Do you cringe when the Networks talk about 4G when you rarely have any signal?

We offer contracts and independent advice on all four main Networks, and can even offer Multi-UK Networks contracts to keep you and your staff safe and in touch as you move around the country in & out of coverage of any one network.

Internet & WiFi

The advert says 80Mb download…..but they tell me I’m too far from the exchange and 1Mb is as good as it gets!

Slow internet is still a huge issue for rural comunities  and businesses.

What if we just have no service to the premises?
No problem, we have a range of 3G & 4G Mobile Internet options.

We can also dramatically improve your wireless coverage and remove any deadspots around your property or business.

We can also provide site to site connectivity over an encrypted connection up to 5km away. 


More and more technology is used to make your businesses easier to monitor and run. We have built a suite of machine to machine (M2M) applications and products that can help you be more secure, efficient and productive.

These include:

Vehicle and Equipment tracking and monitoring
Lone Worker monitoring with emergency response
Smart M2M SIMS for applications at low prices
(e.g. Gate control, fuel monitoring, moisture sensors, CCTV)

Two Way Radio

Two way radio is a vital part of many rural farms and businesses, from small holdings to huge Estates. Reliable communications are imperative in what can sometimes be dangerous working conditions.

The nature of farming means that waterproof two way radios are sometimes necessary, as well as being able to withstand freezing conditions.

Two way radio has two main options, License-free which are suitable for short range, basic use and Licensed for greater coverage and functionality. We can apply for the licensing you need on your behalf as well as recommending handsets suited to Licensed or License-free use.

Country Tech is a specialised division of BlueGlow IT Management Ltd. Formed in 2001 and based in Monmouth South Wales, we have been servicing the countryside for over 15 years and still going strong.

We operate throughout the UK and service over 1500 active clients. In a young, exciting industry, we pride ourselves on our old-school values and our strong, customer-focused ethos

BlueGlow IT Management


Please feel free to call us on 01600 714344 for a chat or pop in to our offices.

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